Naughty Couple Personalized Candle


  • Not only is it bringing a cozy and romantic atmosphere, but also filling your home an alluring aroma, helping your family members relax. Our custom print on demand candles has three scents and brings freshness to everyone. It is beautifully wrapped with your design on it. Customize your candle now!
  • Essential oils in our print on demand candle are dosed up in the wax for a stronger aroma that will last longer.
  • The fragrance is extremely seductive, creating a sense of comfort and relieving your stress after a long day.
  • 3 scents: Lotus, Green Tea and Lavender.
  • Wax: Paraffin and Stearin.
  • Care Instructions: Keep the pool of wax free of wick trimmings and any debris at all times. Trim wicks before each burn.